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Month: April 2015

I have recently started to gather my various videos, interviews, and campaigns I have worked on into on place, with the intention of publishing it on both my personal web site as well as YouTube. While this project is still underway, you can see the beginnings of it live on the Julie Roehm YouTube Channel.

It’s not all business over there, as I included some fun stuff from our family adventures, including a recent trip to Panama.



A trip to middle earth

Going through my photos today I came across this gem. Mountain, water, waterfalls, snow, blue sky, grass. It’s the ultimate landscape photo!
Can you guess where it was taken? There are not too many places on the planet that look like this. Let me know in the comments below.

Boost funnel conversion with monkeys

On my recent visit to the DGPI – the Demand Generation Primate Institute in Salinas, CA  –  I was shown some fascinating proprietary research.

It turns out that monkeys – and to a lesser extent gorillas , lemurs, lorises, and galagos – have a strong positive effect on intra-funnel B2B conversion rates. The DGPI study  showed that each new monkey present in marketing collateral boosts MQL to SQL conversion +.49% in absolute terms. The marginal boost from each new monkey declines to nil  after the 4th monkey. The so-called ‘monkey effect’ is strongest when the monkeys are coupled with a strong call to action.